Petr Didenko (kippie) wrote,
Petr Didenko

The FreeBSD Handbook is the primary source of documentation produced
by the FreeBSD Documentation Project. This new edition has been split
into two separate volumes as the content has simply outgrown the
limitations of a single volume. The first volume, the User Guide, is
available now. The second volume, an Administrator Guide, will be
published later this summer.

The following changes have been made since the second edition
(taken from the Preface):

* Chapter 2, Installation, has been updated to reflect the new
installation options for FreeBSD 5.X. A new section on initial
network configuration has been added.

* Chapter 3, Unix Basics, has been expanded with new sections on
virtual consoles and terminals, disk organization, and binary

* Chapter 4, Ports and Packages, includes an updated
troubleshooting section.

* Chapter 6, Desktop Applications, is all new with this edition.
This chapter includes information about web browsers, productivity
suites, and complete desktop environments for FreeBSD and XFree86.

* The old sound chapter has been expanded into a general chapter
about multimedia. Chapter 7 now includes information about audio
and video playback and authoring with FreeBSD.

* A number of aesthetic improvements have been made to the tables
and figures throughout the book.

The book was typeset using the open-source tools used by the FreeBSD
Documentation Project (

This book would not be possible without the hard work of many people.
In particular, I'd like to single out the following authors who
contributed substantial amounts of text to make this book a reality:

Satoshi Asami, Neil Blakey-Milner, Nik Clayton, Ceri Davies, Matt
Dillon, Dima Dorfman, Udo Erdelhoff, Mark Fonvieille, Jordan Hubbard,
Giorgos Keramidas, Sean Kelly, Seth Kingsley, Jun Kuriyama, Chern Lee,
Bruce Mah, Jim Mock, Mark Murray, David O'Brien, Hiten Pandya, Chris
Piazza, Randy Pratt, Tom Rhodes, Christopher Shumway, Mike Smith,
Brian Somers, G. Adam Stanislav, Greg Sutter, Bill Swingle, Valentino
Vaschetto, Michael C. Wu, and everyone else who has contributed
updates to this book over the past 6 years.

The book is available now from the FreeBSD Mall:

You may also purchase the book from Amazon:

or from retailers such as Fry's Electronics in the U.S.

Thanks and enjoy!

- Murray

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