Petr Didenko (kippie) wrote,
Petr Didenko

Оооо - восстание живых трупов! Сингл Honeymoon Day (mp3, 6.0Мб, 192kbit/s & text) от Arrested Development! Давно это было :) А вот выпустили сингл. Через 10 лет. Чума. Добрый такой, динамичный, качественный. Рекомендуется. На самом деле, я так понимаю, там еще целый альбом Among the trees прилагается.

"One of the major success stories of 1992, Arrested Development was a progressive rap collective fusing soul, blues, hip-hop, and Sly and the Family Stone-influenced funk with political, socially conscious lyrics. The group was founded in the late '80s by rapper Speech and DJ Headliner, who decided to make the transition to a more positive, Afrocentric viewpoint after hearing Public Enemy." link

"Firmly rooted in their Afrocentric beliefs, Arrested Development wants to bring about positive change in Black America. From the airwaves to urban community visits, the group continues the struggle for Black self-awareness." link

Кстати, вполне себе сноубордическая музыка :-))

We gonna bail collect that mail let’s go to the hotel and…
Skip the reception girl lets head to the limo
Tinted window hard to find like Nemo

Real Cancun real honeymoon like woo
You can find us on the beach you know
I’m in heaven daily cuz I’m lovin this the physical bliss
Come here baby give me a kiss!

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