Petr Didenko (kippie) wrote,
Petr Didenko

Забавная игрушка - она пытается угадать то, что ты загадал, задавая наводящие вопросы. Угадала - был загадан мобильный телефон :-) Читать снизу вверх. Спасибо И.

Когда оно угадало или не угадало, оно объясняет, как оно думало, где ты сказал "да", а оно считало что тут должно быть "нет". Умная штука :) AI! Думает.

Q24.  I am guessing that it is a mobile phone?

Right, Wrong, Close

23.  Does it help accomplish tasks? Yes.
22.  Can it fit in an envelope? Probably.
21.  Do you open and close it? Sometimes.
20.  I guessed that it was a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)? Close.
19.  Is it pleasurable? Yes.
18.  Is it made of metal? Probably.
17.  Do you need batteries to use it? Yes.
16.  Would you pay to use it? Yes.
   Is it smart? Unknown.
   Can it add? Unknown.
15.  Can you read it? Yes.
14.  Is it larger than a pound of butter? No.
13.  Does it usually have four corners? Yes.
12.  Is it flat? No.
11.  Can it be played? Yes.
10.  Is it square shaped? Sometimes.
9.  Does it have a hole in it? No.
8.  Does it make noise? Yes.
7.  Is it something you bring along? Yes.
6.  Does it bring joy to people? Yes.
5.  Does it have writing on it? Yes.
4.  Could it be found in a classroom? Yes.
3.  Is it smaller than a loaf of bread? Maybe.
2.  Does it open? No.
1.  It is classified as Other.
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