Petr Didenko (kippie) wrote,
Petr Didenko

The problem with FreeBSD

супер! :-))

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> > Okay, this is not really intended as a flame, but kinda necessary, given
> the
> > current situation in the FreeBSD camp.
> >
> > Let's see, some weeks ago a couple of people dropped their ports
> > maintainership, why did this happen? Sergey dropped his ports because
> David
> > O'Brien is an asshole. Yes, no news, we all know that. Asmodai resigned
> some
> > days ago, why? Because fucking Bill Fumerola is a royal asshole. Has
> fucking
> > Bill Fumerola ever done any worthwhile work for FreeBSD? NO. He prefers to
> > spend his time flaming other people. FUCK YOU FUMEROLA!
> >
> > Jordan Hubbard left, Mike Smith left. Why? Because a large number of the
> > people involved in FreeBSD are either assholes or hypocrites. What's the
> > prefered game in #bsdcode? Right, flaming Terry Lambert. Terry may not be
> > perfect, but he has *never* insulted anyone, he's a nice person to talk
> to,
> > and pretty often comes up with nice ideas. I'm talking to you, fucking
> Hiten
> > Pandya, damned asshole. And I'm talking to you, stupid Alfred Perlstein.
> > Alfred is an interesting person. He seems to be drunk most of the time,
> has
> > never contributed anything important to the project, yet he likes to flame
> > around all the time.
> >
> > Matthew Dillon is one of the few hackers worth his salt, what does he get
> in
> > return? A 5 day commit bit suspension. Matt, please, join NetBSD, they
> need
> > help in the SMP code, and leave all these hypocrites alone.
> >
> > David O'Brien -> good hacker but a total asshole
> > Dag-Erling Smorgrav -> a total asshole
> > Alfred Perlstein -> drunktard and hypocrite
> > Bill Fumerola -> The Эberasshole, FUCK FUMEROLA!!!!
> > Kris Kennaway -> Hyprocrite
> > Hiten Pandya -> an IMBECILE, grow up fucking moron
> >
> > You all owe Terry Lambert an apology, stupid hypocrites.
> >
> > To the rest of the people, jump shit now, and join NetBSD while you can.
> > FreeBSD is not worth the hassle.
> right...
> and to bring all these VILE people to public use a hotmail
> addr and a name that we are supposed to see as 'witty' or 'clever'.
> please don't take the silence from the people on the respeced boards you
> decided to spam your email the wrong way....I'm sure most of us are shocked
> into silence from the profound and insightful statements you have made.
> well...that..or none of us really care what anonymous posters have to say.
> duck that identity...make full use of the internet to hide the source of
> your venting.
> bill...alfred..was some kid denied a port or something to warrent this silly
> temper tantrum? :)
> --randy
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