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Petr Didenko's Journal
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Monday, September 19th, 2005

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Товарищи из газеты "Газета", расскажите, что значит:

1. Новый дизайн gzt.ru?
2. Каким будет сайт без влияния Елены Рузаковой?
CommuniGate Pro for 1.6 Million School Children
CommuniGate Pro for 1.6 Million School Children. Leading Messaging Server Connects 1100 Schools in South Africa.

Mill Valley, CA (September 13, 2005) - The award-winning real-time messaging server CommuniGate Pro by CommuniGate Systems becomes the main communication platform for 1.6 million students. For the "Gauteng OnLINE project", the biggest of its kind on the African continent, CommuniGate Systems teams up with Sentech, the South African leader in the broadband network business.

In addition to providing its students with future perspectives, the South African Ministry of Education, initiator of the Gauteng OnLINE Project, plans to use the network as a reliable and cost-effective possibility to connect its 1100 schools in the Gauteng-region. In the future, all connected institutions will be independent from traditional telephony and high phone charges.

"We are pleased to contribute to the technological advance of connecting educational institutions. Familiarity with the Internet and modern communication tools is a crucial factor for the future perspectives of children", says Vladimir Butenko, CEO of CommuniGate Systems.

Когда же мы сможем написать такое про успехи в Рашке-то? ;-) Также, со слезами умиления :-)

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