October 16th, 2010


My tweets

  • Thu, 12:55: Spent 2.5 hours talking with american VCs,like them.Such guys are most interesting to talk with on russian startup scene. It's so curious ;)
  • Thu, 13:24: I'm ~100% stick with subway commuting. None of altern. methods paying back. Don't want to spend at least 10-20% of my whole life in traffic.
  • Thu, 13:26: RT @eugenemarko: О практических плюсах умения заговорить с незнакомцем о важных для себя вещах от @pdidenko http://j.mp/c6INqB
  • Thu, 14:09: HP assholes sell stolen MacBook Pro design with "it's easy to live better" idea.It really is,but who the $&& is you?;) http://img.ly/2fyr
  • Thu, 14:30: RT @DalaiLama: We must cultivate a universal responsibility toward each other and extend it to the planet that we have to share.
  • Thu, 15:09: This is why I asked you all guys http://kip.ru/iy about Baby Ninja iPhone game ;) Do you feel you can ask questions every time you need?..
  • Thu, 16:25: RT @HTC_Ru: Полная версия Angry Birds для платформы #Android доступна абсолютно бесплатно! http://bit.ly/ddTu5F
  • Thu, 16:50: RT @Aist: Вот такого умения лично мне очень не хватает! http://t.co/h6tzitf via @pdidenko
  • Thu, 16:59: @spidermc apple is a 2nd largest company in the world and it users are fine with prices - because of that apple #2 behind ExxonMobil ;-)
  • Thu, 17:18: @spidermc there is always some strange guy (and I one of them) who ain't satisfied at all all time. It's better look at revenues as a truth.
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