Petr Didenko (kippie) wrote,
Petr Didenko

Log Entry # 119 - July 31, 2002
Topic: Cleaning Up The Mess - Part 1

After the DrAmsterdam Maltathon (see log entry #118) and the recent shelf explosion (see mAddendum 188A), I was forced to redefine my understanding of the word 'chaos'. First of all, there are now 90 opened bottles scattered accross my apartment, slowly oxidizing away. With room for just 48 bottles on my shelves, I'll have to empty 42 bottles before the natural order of things is restored. That's just the kind of thing to keep a malt maniac up at night... And then there's my 'Reserve Stock', now spread accross dozens of shelves, closets, cupboards and yes, the floor. The bottles have even invaded my bedroom!
Everywhere I look: bottles, bottles, bottles...
This could drive a man to drink!

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    Часто для меня мечта выглядит вот так. Чтобы отстали и поспать дали

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