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Вот как бывает


As many of you know, each year the Internet must be shut down for 24 hours
in order to allow us to clean it.
The cleaning process, which eliminates dead e-mail and inactive ftp, www
and gopher sites, allows for a better-working and faster Internet.

This year, the cleaning process will take place from 00:01 a.m. GMT on
April 1 until 23:59 p.m. GMT on April 1, 2002.
During that 24-hour period, five very powerful Japanese built
multi-lingual Internet-crawling robots (Toshiba ML-2274) situated around the
world will search the Internet and delete any data that they find.

In order to protect your valuable data from deletion we ask that you do
the following:

1. Disconnect all terminals and local area networks from their Internet
2. Shut down all Internet servers, or disconnect them from the Internet
3. Disconnect all disks and hard drives from any connections to the
4. Refrain from connecting any computer to the Internet in any way
5. Avoid placing operating microwave ovens or toaster/toaster ovens near
your computer modem
6. Avoid wearing nylon (or other dielectric fiber) undergarments because
of the possibility of electrical discharge.

We understand the inconvenience that this may cause some Internet users,
and we apologize.
However, we are certain that any inconvenience will be more than made up
for by the increased speed and efficiency of the Internet, once it has been
cleared of electronic flotsam and jetsam.

Sysops and others:
Since the last Internet cleaning, the number of Internet users has grown
Please assist us in alerting the public of the upcoming Internet cleaning
by posting this message where your users will be able to read it. Please pass
this message on to other sysops and Internet users as well.

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