Petr Didenko (kippie) wrote,
Petr Didenko

О, вот кем бы было интересно работать :-)

JOB POST DATE: Jan 10th, 2003
EMAIL RESUME TO: Brad Fitzpatrick <>
(or questions)

Short description

Linux sysadmin to manage servers for, an online
community/"blogging" website with 800,000 users and millions of pages

Also, management of upcoming launch of photo hosting site,

Necessary skills

-- mysql
- replication
- tuning
- monitoring
-- apache
-- ntp
-- backup strategies
-- linux (debian, redhat)
-- monitoring/graphic tools (netsaint(nagios), mrtg, rrdtool, cricket, etc)
will expect you to graph and monitor tons of things.
-- mail (we use postfix, but we're flexible if you prefer otherwise)
-- dns
-- nfs

Hardware/software involved

[as of Jan 2003, but new hardware is almost always on order]

2 load balancers (BIG-ip)

15 database servers (MySQL, mix of RedHat and Debian)
-- some inactive, used only as occasional stand-ins
-- some incredibly light, replicating small subset of tables
for isolation. like directory search (uses InnoDB, not MyISAM)
or mail (postfix)

20+ web servers (Debian (mostly netbooting), mod_perl and/or apache+mod_proxy+lingerd)

3 100 Mbps switches... 1 public, two internal (linked with gigabit fiber)

1 Gigabit switch (for backup network)

misc machines, disk arrays, ...

mail machines

Offsite, for static content (cheaper bandwidth):

2 LVS boxes (locked down, "managed") + 2 of our machines (TUX + mod_perl)


Only enough to get your job done. We're not looking for a sysadmin +
programmer. If everything's running smoothly and all your work is
done, we want you to relax.

Experience in the past has shown us that most programmer + sysadmins
prefer to just program. So, we're looking for somebody that perhaps
knows how to program, but doesn't necessarily enjoy it. :)


-- good communication skills, *especially* if you're remote

-- regular status updates

-- proactive investigation in how to improve things.

-- proactive configuration of fail-over services. if it's not necessary
until something else breaks, it's necessary right away.

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