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Subject: Slightly OT: Microsoft interviews
From: Ian V=?ISO-8859-1?B?5A==?=nnman <>

I just came back from a meeting with a market analysis firm that was
interested in "my daily work running mailservers on Unix". They contacted me
by phone. I was told that I would find out who the client was in the end of
the interview. The interview took about 2 hours and was one on one with
mirrored windows, behind which the client was observing us.

We covered everything in mailservers, protocols, virus and spam
protection/detection, policies, vendors, firewall architecture and so forth.
I brought up Microsoft on several occassions, describing the RAV
buyout/shutdown (how to elimenate a key product), the Sobig.f mess we
experienced, and as an example of how not to do things. He specifically
asked which vendors I trusted in our DMZ (unix like systems I answered). He
also wondered if there were any vendors I did not trust in our DMZ
(Microsoft I answered, cited major security issues).

Turns out in the end the interviewer reluctantly acknowledged he was
representing Microsoft. What shook me up afterwards was his interest in
SpamAssassin, Sendmail and RAV, but how he did not ask anything at all about
CommuniGate. As if they already knew what i was running.

He mentioned they had been covering the US and was now touring Europe. Have
any of you out there been contacted for something similar?

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